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The Smoking Cupcake

What an interesting story; I'm sure there are people out there that appreciate you sharing it (esp. since I'm sure you were reluctant to).


Cait Boyce

one of the things that prompted me to write this was that i heard Daulton was involved in a real estate pyramid-type thing in Los Angeles. there, but for the grace of...

maybe it'll save ONE person from being involved in his world.


I was his college next door neighbor and was wondering what happened to him The last time I saw him was in a convince store near the beach around 1974 and he said to not talk to him leave the place now.
I did then saw the movie a few years later. He could make a living now selling dope the prescription crowd. Maybe he is. Aloha Daulton.

Meter Man

I knew the whole family. Loved them. A lot. I always thought Daulton would be great in government work. He is exactly like many people I know in EPA and ATSDR. It isn't that they start out as sociopaths...they don' is the work that gets to them. Then, well they become grifters. Daulton could teach them a whole bunch of lessons how not to be so darn obvious about it (with the vast exception of being under the influence). And of course he would eventually walk off with everyone's shirt and pants and everything else. Heck, that's what most do in government already.

Although adopted Daulton picked up his father's genius. And a motivation that apparently will not be satisfied in this life. I miss his sister Maryann. And I miss the days when things were so much simpler with the whole family. Not that it was ever simple mind you.

Barb Brewer

Oh,to hell with that creep. What ever happened to your restaurant dream? Please tell me that you didn't let that lowlife bring you down! I hope that you got crazy mad and were even more determined to have your dream. Maybe you should have recounted the story in the media with pictures of your beautiful venue to be.An extravagant "tasting" inviting every venture capitalist,attorney,judge,and entrepreneur couldn't have hurt either. I hope that you're there cooking right now.

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